Values of Social Commerce: Influence of Affordance

Published in AMCIS 2023 Proceedings, 2023

Recommended citation: Ur Rehman, Mati and Nilakanta, Sree, “Values of Social Commerce: Influence of Affordance” (2023). AMCIS 2023 Proceedings. 3.

Social commerce is growing. This paper aims to understand how users interact on social commerce platforms. The design of the social commerce platform is unique, giving both buyers and sellers autonomy. The paper seeks to understand the consumer values of both buyers and sellers, how those have led to the social commerce platform design, and what feature enabled affordances help to satisfy the consumers’ values. The study will help system designers better design social commerce platforms and understand some of the consumer pain points. Additionally, in literature, the seller behavior is understudied, so the nature of the platform and the autonomy it provides to the seller allows us to study seller behavior. We aim to understand consumer behavior better, how sellers and buyers interact on a social commerce platform, and how these platforms enable those interactions to facilitate transactions.

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